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Hi and thanks for stopping by. I’m David Unangst, The Local Transplant and founder of Local Transplants, a community dedicated to helping others new to an area quickly adapt to their surroundings.

After years of relocating to different places throughout the world and the United States, I realized that there was this need for a resource catering specifically to people who were not local to an area but who were also not simply visiting.

In late 2007, after months of research on the subject, I realized that helping others adapt to their new environment was something that I felt strongly about. I wanted to provide a service that would help people do just that. The domain name, LocalTransplants.com, was obtained in early 2008 and the website was established shortly thereafter.

While Local Transplants is focused on providing a service, this blog was setup more for sharing my day to day experiences as I explore my local surroundings.